De Dietrich and Anodica:
the great thing about co-designing

22 Mar 2018

Co-design in its purest form. Our search for beauty and improvement. And the pleasure of working and creating together. Our experience with a long-standing French brand.

Our work with De Dietrich – a brand of Brandt, a long-standing, prestigious appliance company – is one of the most interesting partnerships we have entered into in recent years, and it’s the one that best represents Anodica’s philosophy.

The opportunity to design together and turn ideas into solutions while experimenting with new materials and techniques has made this partnership even more inspiring for both companies. And the results are always unique, as shown by our success at the Red Dot Design Award 2017.

Our co-design work with De Dietrich has allowed us to deal with many aesthetic elements of a new collection, in particular the oven handle: a real element designed to fully represent the identity of the brand. The oven is the perfect sum of the creative commitment and of the complexity of this project: its design and finish enhance the value of the product. The brand De Dietrich is engraved on oven handles using the LaserOx finish. The same precision technique concerns the profiles of the induction plates.

In a sense of "enlarged aesthetics", oven panels are protagonists of a careful study in search of the beauty: an embossed painted finish, a texture reminiscent of cast iron and elegance.

Even the oven knob evokes the collection’s theme and consists of two rings that play with shapes and colours: the inner ring, made of anodised aluminium with CopperOX finish, comes in the colour of copper, in contrast to the outer ring, decorated with a ChromeOX finish.

anodica realizza logo de dietrich

A collaboration which has allowed us to develop a collection that is certainly innovative, but also inspired by the brand’s origins.

One of the main materials used is copper, an all-time distinctive feature for the company. The logo encapsulates the first symbols of a project that blends co-design and sophistication. The brand icon is made with real copper, using a technique that makes it possible to stop oxidation.

This is the great thing about co-designing: the pleasure of combining research and refinement in every detail.

Anodica - De Dietrich Co-Designing