SteelOx - Anodized aluminium finish made to replace steel

Distinctive Features
SteelOx is a finish developed to replace steel with aluminium while maintaining the same shades of colour and obtaining a functional product that is more affordable, lighter and has a lower environmental impact.

Excellent aesthetic appeal. The advantages of aluminium include an extensive colour range just like steel, greater versatility for the substrate (available with the following finishes: tumbled, satin rod, knurled and cross-directional satin), and an affordable cost. It also has a lower environmental impact in terms of production, consumption and waste.

What is SteelOx?
With SteelOx, Anodica Trevigiana anticipates modern aesthetic trends. Back in the early 2000s, the company introduced a finish that re-introduced the same colour characteristics of steel for aluminium. Today, SteelOx is one of the most popular finishes for applications on components and surfaces in anodized aluminium. This finish was created to replicate and replace steel while maintaining the same colours, with the option of a nickel colour without the actual presence of nickel. Unlike steel, which can only be coloured by painting, aluminium can be coloured during the anodization process to achieve various shades of colour.


  • Aesthetics: versatile colour matching, components treated with SteelOx easily match surfaces in various materials.
  • Versatile substrate: aluminium is a flexible product that can be processed to obtain a different substrate, ensuring a different aesthetic look.
  • Colour gradation: thanks to the anodization process, aluminium can be coloured in a wide range of shades to recall the various colours of steel.
  • Affordable cost and a long life: by applying a treatment that improves resistance to wear and corrosion of components.

Product realized with SteelOx finishing