CopperOx - Copper finish through aluminum anodizing

Distinctive Features
This finish gives an old-fashioned look on the outside but is innovative on the inside. Thanks to a special copper anodising treatment, it is possible to achieve the aesthetic effect of copper or galvanically copper-plated products.

It is versatile in terms of application and workability, economical and pleasing to the eye and the touch. This copper anodising finish meets the needs of a niche market looking for old-fashioned and antiqued products, country- and classic-style products, etc., whose discerning clientèle demand long-lasting, high-quality products.

What is CopperOx?
Using this new process, Anodica Trevigiana is able to produce the same aesthetic effect of copper or galvanically copper-plated products, but with the advantage of using a versatile, light, economical and recyclable raw material with an eco-friendly coating. The CopperOx treatment ensures that production waste is kept to a minimum, with minimal environmental impact (unlike galvanising treatments). This advantage arises from the inherent simplicity of the treatment, whereby the surface layer is transformed without any additional deposit of materials, as well as from the less hazardous nature of the substances used in the process. Most importantly, it is the result of the care and awareness of our personnel, certified by ISO 14001 Environmental Management System since the year 2000, combined with our use of the best available technologies.


  • Greater freedom of design, thanks to its high degree of mouldability, whether by extrusion or die-forming, and its mechanical malleability in comparison with copper.
  • Better quality-price ratio, thanks to its greater malleability combined with a smaller cost per unit and a weight density that is 1/3 that of copper.
  • Highest possible guarantee of resistance to corrosion, thanks to the protection provided by the aluminium oxide, which develops in a controlled manner during the anodising process, and which renders the surface extremely hard, conferring resistance to wear and to scratches.
  • The finished product is sturdy and strong but also flexible and light.
  • Resistance to UV rays in line with standards for home and professional environments.
  • A wide range of finish types (colours and shades), created by means of specific mechanical and chemical surface pretreatments, which can be fine-tuned by adjusting the parameters of the anodisation and colouring process.

Anodised copper finishes are used in both home and professional environments.

  • Kitchen handles and knobs
  • Dials and controls for fireplaces, cookers and heaters, profiles for cooker hoods
  • Electrical appliances (handles, knobs, profiles, dials and controls, panels)
  • Equipment for the food service industry (e.g. door handles and push bars, dials and knobs, profiles)
  • Light fixtures (profiles and finishes)

Products realized with CopperOx finishing