LaserOx - Parameter-controlled laser engraving on aluminium

Makes it possible to laser-engrave trademarks and logos, designs and lettering on aluminium. An elegant and durable choice.

Distinctive Features
Makes it possible to laser-engrave trademarks and logos, designs and lettering on aluminium. An elegant and durable choice.

A pleasant tactile effect, balanced luminous contrast, higher resistance to wear, and greater accuracy of detail compared to silk-screen printing, pad printing, stamping or milling. In order to meet the needs of customers who require their trademarks to be featured on the surfaces of their products (handles and knobs, profiles, etc.), Anodica has developed a technology for the laser engraving of trademarks or logos, designs or lettering.

What is LaserOx?
The options for rendering trademarks on metal surfaces have, until now, been limited:
- Silk-screen or pad printing: risk of poor resistance to wear;
- Plastic or metal adhesive labels: adhesive bonding risk;
- Colour laser engraving: risk of fading over time.
LaserOx consists of parameter-controlled laser engraving, followed by aesthetic and protective anodising. The results provided by this new finishing standard are pleasant to the touch and offer a balanced visual effect in terms of luminous contrast, elegantly emphasising the engraved trademark without resorting to the use of colourants. To prevent the surfaces from being subjected to any sort of wear or visual or tactile changes, Anodica coats the finished engraving with an anodic oxide film capable of providing suitable resistance over time while simultaneously allowing for optimum aesthetic results without altering the desired bas-relief effect. Each sample treated has been subjected to systematic colour and gloss control to ensure it meets specifications and that the process can be reproduced.


  • Lower environmental impact
  • High impact aesthetic effect
  • Pleasant tactile effect
  • High resistance: to corrosion, wear and cleaning operations, hardness and scratch tests

When you customise your product by engraving your trademark, you send a strong communicative message on behalf of your brand and your company. What’s more, it becomes an exclusive design element, in keeping with new fashionable trends in associated sectors. Engraving is employed chiefly on products for the home environment, but is no less effective in the professional domain.

  • Handles and knobs for kitchen furnishings and for doors
  • Profiles of every type and for any use
  • In home and professional environments
  • To create products with high design value

Products realized with LaserOx finishing