BronzeOx - Brass finish through aluminum anodizing

Distinctive Features
Replaces the use of brass and of galvanising, making it possible to achieve traditional and classic finishes on extruded aluminium.

Freedom of expression, resistance to wear, less expensive, lower environmental impact in terms of production, consumption and waste.

What is BronzeOx?
BronzeOx was developed to be applied to anodisable aluminium components in place of traditional galvanising, which produces the same appearance but through the deposition of various metal layers on a base generally made of brass. Anodisation, on the other hand, does not involve application of a coat of a different material. Rather, it is a process by which the aluminium’s surface is transformed into aluminium oxide through a regular and controlled process of electrochemical conversion.

This makes it possible to protect surfaces from corrosive agents and from wear, as well as improve their aesthetic appearance, thanks to a greater uniformity and the ability to select a colour for the oxide layer.


  • Design: the ability to apply traditional and classic finishes to extruded aluminium allows for greater creativity.
  • Lower cost: by using anodising in place of galvanising and aluminium in place of brass, it is possible to achieve a considerable reduction in costs.
  • Lower environmental impact: the use of anodising in place of galvanising, in combination with the simpler production processes that can be employed when working with aluminium, allow for a significant reduction in the amount of waste produced and of energy and water consumed.
  • Durability over time: thanks to aluminium oxide’s characteristic ability to resist corrosion and wear, products treated with the BronzeOx finish guarantee greater durability over time with respect to traditional finishes, whose lifespans are often limited by the durability of thin layers of paint.

Products realized with BronzeOx finishing