Dark In-Ox - Innovative anodized aluminium dark finish

Distinctive Features
Anodized aluminium for a very dark steel effect that comes close to anthracite grey. An innovative finish: the original chromatic effect heralds a new style and conveys a new aesthetic identity to the market.

An original chromatic effect, a colour that is easy to apply in trendy aesthetic components.

What is Dark In-Ox?
Innovative finish on anodized aluminium with very dark steel effect.


  • Smart: a dark finish which gives a touch of character in all its applications;
  • Original aesthetic effect, which finds application in modern and trendy settings;
  • Less environmental impact: both during processing and production, and in the disposal process.
  • Handles and knobs for household appliances
  • Profiles and panels for household appliances
  • Domestic and professional sector

Products realized with Dark In-Ox finishing