Why Anodica


Anodica exists to help our customers design and manufacture products that are not only unique and stand out but also beautiful, high-quality, valuable and sustainable.


We combine our great passion for beautiful well-made things with a focus on listening to customers and their needs. We enhance the talents of our employees by developing their potential and well-being.

We work towards an increasingly healthier and safer working environment. We are committed to constantly innovating in terms of the environmental and social sustainability of processes.


We support our customers from the design phase to planning. We use our in-depth expertise in materials and their aesthetic finishes, recommending the best solutions and producing them. We also customise the planning and delivery service so that we can provide not only a product but also one with aesthetic components.

People and Technology

Technology plays a key role in achieving a unique look each time.
Discover Anodica, made up of people who work every day to find practical solutions, new shapes and new finishes that enhance the look of each product.

People, attention to detail, technology

Our team