ChromeOx - Glossy chrome effect through aluminum anodizing

Distinctive Features
For use on handles and knobs, profiles and elements with high design value intended for use on furnishings for the home or office, ChromeOx offers a glossy chrome effect without galvanising treatments, using only aluminium.

While identical to traditional chromium plating in aesthetic terms, it guarantees a lower environmental impact, lower costs and shorter production times. It is stronger, more resistant and easier to clean.

Today, the realm of furnishings is characterised by modern minimalist lines and simple forms. Anodica has responded to this new trend with a new type of finish – polished, glossy, and also well-suited to ‘50s and ‘60s style designs.

What is ChromeOx?
This finish takes the place of classic polished chrome finishes (also called chromium plating), guaranteeing the same end result in aesthetic terms but offering better performance in use. Traditional chromium plating calls for galvanising treatment, a much more laborious process than that required by the ChromeOx finish, in that the former requires the use of multiple layers of raw materials – aluminium, copper and nickel – while the new finish uses only aluminium. What's more, galvanising involves much more complicated waste management, due to the waste disposal process and its impact on the environment.


  • Lower environmental impact compared with traditional chromium plating.
  • More “streamlined” production: with a significant reduction in duration of the production cycle.
  • Lower raw material and production costs compared to galvanising.
  • Limits issues related to quality: does not present the problems typically associated with the adhesion of chromium plating, which can be an issue, especially when working with materials such as extruded aluminium.
  • High resistance to corrosion, to hardness and scratch testing and to the standard wear expected for the products to which it is applied. Its resistance to wear is guaranteed by the 10-μm layer of aluminium achieved on the products in question (hardness similar to that of a grinding wheel).
  • Easier to clean: less sensitive to fingerprint residue.

ChromeOx FINISH is made to be employed any time a furniture designer wishes to use fittings that produce the aesthetic effect of polished chrome. It isemployed in professional environments but chiefly in the home.

  • Handles and knobs for kitchen furnishings and for doors, anti-panic bars
  • Profiles of every type and for any use
  • In home and professional environments
  • To create products with high design value and a finish reminiscent of chrome
  • Handrails for indoor staircases and stairwells

Products realized with ChromeOx finishing