Hygienizer anodization HygenOx®

Patented hygienizing treatment for aluminium components

Driven by the constant research for coatings with a high technical/aesthetic content, Anodica presents its own Hygenox® sanitizing decorative finish.

A patented treatment that imparts hygienizing properties for the decorative anodization of aluminium, the result of biotechnological research in collaboration with a prestigious Italian university.


Patented hygienizing treatment for aluminium components intended for environments where hygiene is essential

A number of our customer companies were in need of anodised aluminium components that were self-cleaning and sanitary, with a finish that could, nonetheless, simultaneously maintain its original aesthetic appearance and feel. From Anodica’s laboratory of ideas comes the HygenOx® finish, self-sanitizing finish able to reduce the need for cleaning at a competitive price, without altering the features of aesthetic appearance and resistance of the product.

This treatment is particularly interesting for elements made of anodized aluminium intended for decorative purposes, for environments where hygiene is essential, including kitchens, medical furniture, the transport industry and community areas.

  • Sectors: professional, healthcare, transportation, furniture, equipment for special purpose centres (e.g. therapeutic communities), etc.
  • In the home: to keep the home sanitary and maintain a healthier environment.

What is HygenOx®?

A special hygienizer anodization

It consists of special hygienizer anodization, during which silver ions are dispersed throughout the layer subjected to the treatment. Thanks to this treatment, the anodised surface acquires new electrochemical properties at the molecular level, capable of significantly reducing any possible bacterial load without altering the surface’s aesthetic properties. The HygenOx finish provides treated surfaces with biotechnological properties which can be useful for kitchen components, electrical appliances and furniture for the healthcare industry. Moreover, in addition to the properties guaranteed by the layer of anodic oxide, they are also imbued with all the properties of silver, including: high hygienizing and fungicidal properties, high resistance to wear, corrosion and heat, as well as electrostatic properties.

Aesthetic qualities ed hygiene

  • Increased hygiene, thanks to its ability to eliminate 98% of already existing bacteria within 8 hours and more than 99% within 24 hours.
  • Reduced need for cleaning, with a saving on specific products and lower environmental impact.
  • The aesthetic qualities of anodised aluminium components are shown to their best effect.
  • Competitive production costs
  • Corrosion and Temperature Resistance: Anodized aluminum surface treated with HygenOx® keeps its intrinsic characteristics of corrosion and temperature resistance
ISO 22196

ISO - International Organization for Standardization
ISO 22196:2011 is an internationally recognized test method fot evaluating the antibacterical activity of antibacterical-treated plastic, and other non-porous, surfaced of products (including intermediate products).



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