OxiBlack - Aluminium with a black anodized finish

Distinctive Features
Absolute black. Sophisticated design and aesthetic appeal that arouse emotions, with the advantages of aluminium with a black anodized finish.

OxiBlack gains in popularity, achieving an important position and becoming one of the most widely used colours for components in the home appliance sector and the automotive industry. Anodica Trevigiana offers the option of choosing the aesthetic appeal of black and the versatility of aluminium, with a special focus on protecting the environment and limiting production costs.

What is OxiBlack?
OxiBlack, the solution by Anodica Trevigiana for black finishes. The anodization process is an innovative alternative for aluminium. Although the colour is solid, it allows a variety of substrates (longitudinal or circular satin, tumbled, knurled and brushed) to be visible. It does not peel off or scratch, and maintains its aesthetic characteristics over time.


OxiBlack surprises:

  • A customised colour, with a choice of gloss or matt effect.
  • Good coverage achieved, even without a painting process.
  • Lower environmental impact during processing and for the disposal of materials

Products realized with OxiBlack finishing