Precision, attention to detail and customer care

Interview with Davide Bernardi

Davide Bernardi - Junior Sales Account Manager at Anodica Trevigiana - talks about his growth path, his journey into Anodica Trevigiana and the importance of creating a lasting relationship with customers

Since it was founded, the goal of Anodica Trevigiana has been to assist its customers by employing an attentive and scrupulous approach, where detail, precision and attention to the project are at the heart of all collaboration.
Indeed, all discussions are always strongly focused on customers and their needs so as to meet the required demands and timeframes.

1) Davide, you have recently joined the Anodica sales team, what experience have you had and what brought you here?

I am 26 years old and have been part of the Anodica Trevigiana team since July 2023.
My educational background follows an academic path in Management Engineering. I started with a 3-year degree at the University of Udine and I completed my studies with an MSc in Management Engineering, in English, at the Polytechnic of Milan in July 2022.
My training has enabled me to gain valuable knowledge and experience, allowing me to approach the world of work with great ambition and motivation, characteristics that are also reflected in my daily life.
Before joining Anodica Trevigiana, my first post-graduation experience was at Essilor Luxottica in the Retail Demand Planning team, where I had the opportunity to become acquainted with a very young and dynamic environment. I learned various soft and hard skills that will be very useful to me throughout my future career.
I decided to grasp the opportunity to join the Sales team at Anodica Trevigiana driven by my desire to have a role that would combine the relational aspect, which I have always thought I am good at, with collaborating with a proactive team.
The sound organisation of Anodica, its focus on the target market, in-house processes and, above all, its impact in the short, medium and long term immediately convinced me.
The company’s commitment to the local area, demonstrated by its Impact Report and by certifications obtained over the years, are precisely one of the reasons that convinced me to join Anodica, as I particularly care about the issues mentioned above and the goals of the UN Agenda 2030.

2) Anodica provides co-design and design services and produces aesthetic components, effectively making the aesthetic surfaces of home appliances. What role do you have in the birth of a new project?

Liaising with the customer on behalf of the company, the initial fundamental step in developing new projects is to identify market needs and the necessary technical and aesthetic requirements. In this respect, the role of a sales account manager becomes crucial in gathering all the must-have and nice-to-have attributes that the end product requires.
An additional fundamental step is to identify critical issues or opportunities from a technical and aesthetic standpoint, to assist the customer with the preliminary design of the product.
The second step concerns the involvement of our technical department to assess the project from a technical and productive perspective. This often entails making new suggestions to the customer in order to obtain the best balance of aesthetic and technical performance and market demands.
Consequently, my role is not limited to establishing sales agreements, but I also participate in the co-design phase. I communicate internally with all the company’s teams involved in project management, where I monitor the progress of the project and keep the customer up to date.

3) Customer satisfaction is a priority at Anodica. What role does the sales team have in ensuring maximum customer satisfaction?

The sales team collects feedback directly and indirectly from its customers, acting as the link between the in-house teams and the customer.
On the one hand, it is essential to communicate any critical issues or special requests from the customer to the company and understand their origin in order to develop a satisfying solution.
On the other hand, the communication flow also shifts from Anodica outwards when there are changes in internal processes or in the supply chain.
In this respect, understanding customers and their needs is critical in order to monitor the level of satisfaction both qualitatively and quantitatively.

All this is in keeping with one of the company's fundamental cornerstones: ‘Customer focus’. Clearly, gathering information and data, and calculating KPIs on customer satisfaction, becomes the specific foundation for continuous improvement, which is typical of the Lean culture that Anodica Trevigiana has always embraced.

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