All-round Lean Production

How Anodica has reorganised its production and optimised its business processes

New strategies to avoid waste, create value and pursue excellence

The concept of Lean Production, not sufficiently adopted and not always fully understood, is still struggling to make its way into business processes, whether small companies or more structured ones are involved.

But let's start at the beginning: what is Lean Production?
Lean Production is the organisational philosophy that involves a set of techniques, processes and strategies to eliminate wasting resources (material, temporal and financial), create value for the market and improve the entire production process in order to achieve operational excellence.

In 2008, Anodica decided to implement the Lean method, investing resources and training its employees so that everyone could take full advantage of this philosophy.
Over the years, the Lean method has become the guiding principle behind every single decision at Anodica. Since the very first months, we have seen the results in terms of improved production efficiency.

How Anodica Trevigiana has approached the Lean method

Five fundamental principles are at the heart of Lean Production and Anodica, now as in the past, is committed to continuously optimising its work approach by following these guidelines:

  1. Defining customer-perceived value
    Identifying activities that actually bring value to customers and investing time and resources in them: this is the key to Anodica’s success.
  2. Identifying the Value Stream
    After having identified the activities that create value for the target group, it is essential to avoid waste by reducing all those activities that do not create added value.
  3. Creating a continuous production flow
    Over the years, Anodica has worked to create seamless production lines in order to create a true continuous flow, thus avoiding inefficiencies, delays and wasted time.
  4. Implementing a Pull system
    To increase production efficiency, it is essential to ensure that production and delivery always reflect the real needs of the market and customer requirements.
  5. Continuous improvement
    No process is perfect and any action can always be improved. Hence, Anodica never stops growing, training its employees and optimising its production processes.

This new production philosophy has changed our approach

To optimise production processes in a Lean perspective, Anodica has decided to reorganise its entire production system by replacing its traditional system, divided into processing departments, with a more innovative one divided into production lines based on product groups.

As a result, production is now divided into specific teams, consisting of people with vertical and transversal skills, and organised by team leaders who promote collective well-being and encourage teamwork.
Aware that the process of change is not over, Anodica continues to pursue excellence, making its operations more efficient day by day.
The company therefore constantly invests in training, new resources and new organisational methods.
Anodica’s strategic plan involves extending coaching to all its managers and collaborators currently working only in offices. In the production department, for example, Team Leaders will start twice-weekly or monthly coaching sessions with their resources to discuss growth, training and continuous improvement.
All this is intended to improve the work, efficiency, well-being and satisfaction of its employees, whom Anodica considers its most valuable resource.
The aim is to create an increasingly stimulating environment and offer customers, suppliers and partners an ever more efficient and reliable service.

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