Anodica: Let’s talk to the team

Chiara, Carmine and Paolo are three professionals in the Anodica team who work in different company departments. In this interview, we find out about their role and experience at Anodica.

In this interview we find out the role of Chiara, Carmine and Paolo, three professionals in the Anodica team

Chiara, Carmine and Paolo are three professionals in the Anodica team who work in different company departments. In this interview, we find out about their role and experience at Anodica. Let’s start with Chiara and Carmine, who have recently joined the team.

Chiara Lucchetta and Carmine Baldassarri are two new members of the Anodica team. Chiara, who deals with Customer Care & Marketing, and Carmine, a member of the design team, not only joined the company on the same day, on 17 March 2020 during total lockdown, but also share the same initiative and desire to grow and put their skills into practice. We interviewed them and asked them the same questions. Here are their replies:

  • What work experience did you have before joining the Anodica team? Which sectors did you work in?

Chiara: “My first work experience was with a company in the furniture industry, which allowed me to enter the world of export sales in the back office. I then worked in the customer service department at a company in the engineering industry, dealing with all the needs of distributors and branches worldwide.”

Carmine: “I started as a product development designer at a company in the food and beverage packaging industry. I learned a great deal from this experience. Then, motivated by the desire to grow and by ambition, I moved to the automotive industry. It wasn’t what I had hoped, however, and I encountered difficulties that made me even have doubts about myself.”

  • Why did you choose Anodica?

Chiara: “I chose Anodica because I immediately had the impression of a young and safe company that cares about its employees. So, I realised that it would provide me with many opportunities for professional and personal growth.”

Carmine: “I was looking for a new work experience that would give me the opportunity to use the skills I had previously acquired and that would make me feel part of a strong and collaborative team. Anodica turned out to be just that, and that's why I chose it. I hope that this will continue in the future.”

  • How was your first day at Anodica, in an unusual and totally unexpected situation?

Chiara: “It certainly wasn't easy for me or for the person who trained me, but we approached everything with great serenity. I must therefore thank the entire Anodica team, which has supported me and helped me from my very first hours at work.”

Carmine: “It was certainly unusual to start the first day working from home, rather than at the office, but it didn’t make it more difficult to handle. Naturally, the anxiety of a new start in the professional world was accompanied by working from home. However, this anxiety decreased once I started video calling, thanks to the positive atmosphere that I was able to experience right away.

  • What was it like returning to normality?

Chiara: “Being able to finally go to work at the company has allowed me to feel truly part of this new world and to better understand the dynamics between the offices and the various production processes. The fact that in the future we’ll continue to alternate standard office work with working from home doesn’t bother me, the company has organised itself so that there are no difficulties in this respect.”

Carmine: “Returning to normality seemed to me almost like a new beginning. The idea of alternating days at the office with working from home is something I’ve always fully agreed on with the company. It’s an excellent solution to be continued, at least until the situation improves considerably..”

  • How did you cope with your first day at the office?

Chiara: “The first day in the office was very intense, but being able to finally interact with my colleagues and get to know them in person was a breath of fresh air. In all departments, I found great unity and a strong sense of belonging. But the most important thing I found is their willingness, and this helped me a great deal.”

Carmine: “The first day in the office turned out to be very unusual: while, on the one hand, I had already met my colleagues (at least most of them), albeit in a virtual way, on the other hand, I was immersed in a new office. What surprised me was that I was able to personally immerse myself into an environment where the concept of a group and family prevails. This is fundamental in order to collaborate and cooperate harmoniously.”

  • What short- and long-term goals do you set yourself, just a few months after joining the company?

Chiara: “In the short term, I expect to grow and enter the spirit of Anodica even more, to share all the dynamics and learn more about the product range. In the long term, I hope to become a point of reference so that I can achieve my goals in terms of work, always guaranteeing much professionalism and dedication.

Carmine: “I aim to become familiar with the sector, improving and increasing my skills in this field. In the future, I’d like to be a point of reference for the company, perhaps in 3D modelling, a field I have studied and learned so much during my various work experiences.”

Paolo Longo, head of design in Anodica

Paolo Longo, an environmental engineer, is now head of design at Anodica. In his interview, he tells us about his studies and his main training experiences. To conclude, he lets us discover his role in Anodica and the greatest challenges that have helped him develop and increase his skills.

  • Paolo, can you tell us about your training? What professional experiences did you have before joining the Anodica team?

Paolo: “I qualified as an Electro-technical Technician at the Istituto Tecnico Itis "Galileo Galilei" in Vittorio Veneto. I continued my studies by taking a First Cycle Degree in Environmental and Resource Engineering at the University of Udine, where I had my first “real” work experience (continued after graduating for another two years) at the Consorzio di Servizi Idrici del Friuli Orientale. I then worked at an engineering firm focused on research in the mechanical field. I worked as a consultant for a company in the alternative energy sector: this experience gave me the opportunity to dialogue with other companies outside Europe, especially China. Before joining Anodica in 2015, I had further work experience at a company operating in the solar shading industry, closely collaborating with prestigious architectural firms.”

  • What experience have you gained at Anodica?

Paolo: “I cautiously entered Anodica as a Designer and, over the years, I have been able to develop my skills enormously. I tried from the very outset to create my own spaces by taking responsibility for design choices and making my desire to emerge clear. I’ve been able to get to know many new Italian companies, and foreign, directly dealing with customers, taking on new challenges and new ideas for professional growth.”

  • What are the main professional challenges you have faced at Anodica?

Paolo: “Since early 2020, I’ve been the Design Manager at Anodica. This challenge has allowed me to have my first experience with a team of my own. Furthermore, I’ll never forget the first "real" project I had to oversee as a designer a few months after I had joined. The product optimization phase lasted almost six months due to the complexity of the product.”

  • How have you contributed with your skills to developing company projects?

My studies have enabled me to develop the ability to solve any problems that may hinder the success of a project or job order. The ability to work in a team is another aspect I consider very important in order to achieve goals, as well as personal physical and mental wellbeing. Moreover, focusing on details and carrying out activities in an orderly and precise way makes subsequent work easier.

  • What advice can you give to new colleagues who start their adventure at Anodica at such a critical and unexpected time?

I’d like to tell new recruits, whether they have past experience or not, not to stop when faced with difficulties or problems. In these unexpected times, the future may not seem rosy, but with the help and cooperation of the people who support us in life and at work, we can make it so. One piece of advice I have learned and want to share is to "steal with the eye", that is, always learn from those who have more experience than you, take criticism but never get trampled on. Finally, always pay special attention to details and your working environment, and respect people.”