Environmental sustainability: an expert's view

11 Dec 2018

Paolo Longo, environmental engineer and designer at Anodica, talks to us about eco-sustainability, solutions, details and important choices

"One of the key aspects of Anodica's DNA is Environmental Sustainability. This aspect is largely shared within our company, and not only by those who are involved in designing new solutions.

As for anodized aluminium, it is already eco-friendly due to its recyclability and the fact that it does not require treatment before disposal, unlike galvanic products.

Continuing to expand and create innovation without ever forgetting environmental aspects is a challenge for us. Thanks to research, we have managed to develop treatments that use as few harmful substances as possible but we are continuing to experiment and are already testing new solutions.

Where “lab” work and designing is essential, Environmental Sustainability is often based on choices such as choosing suppliers of electricity generated entirely from renewable sources.

In other circumstances, however, it goes beyond products and involves all parts of the production chain, as in the case of packaging. EcoPallet® are key players in our sustainability. The logo is highly visible and shows the attention we give to the environment, which is also shared by many of our customers.

The type of boxes we use for packaging our products also complies with the principle of sustainability: they comprise 80% - 90% recycled materials and are entirely recyclable. All the separators used in the boxes are made from recycled materials and are recyclable.

We always try to directly involve our customers in our eco-sustainable approach. In the design phase, we propose a detailed description of packaging and suggest using a single material in order to completely avoid using plastic.

These small details are important to us, since they highlight the path that Anodica is taking in terms of Environmental Sustainability, in synergy with the customers, suppliers and partners in our production chain.”

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