Combining family feeling, kitchenware and design

26 Jun 2018

How important is recognisability today? How important is it for people and brands? These are the questions that led to a new way of interpreting kitchenware and home appliances.

The consumer and his perceptions, increasingly at the centre. The kitchen loses its functional connotations and becomes the cornerstone of home and design. Two things whose evolution manifests itself in an aesthetic revolution in the world of home appliances, focusing on characterizing and iconic elements.

It starts from sketches, ideas, new textures, colours and combinations. It starts from the consumers' need for personalisation, and the desire of big brands to enhance the family feeling by preserving the values and style that make them unique and inimitable.

The aesthetic components are entrusted with the task of condensing and satisfying this dual need through lines, finishes and sensory elements. It's a challenge we enjoy, perhaps the most pleasant part of our work: working together with our customers so to create something beautiful and unique. For them and for their own customers.

We have worked with:

Brandt – De Dietrich

Brandt - De Dietrich
Family Feeling Design: knobs, handles, logo, cooktop hoods

We co-designed the appearance of the components with the prestigious French company, focusing on references and continuity between the finishes, the style of the collections and the copper, a distinctive feature of the brand. An example of this is the Iron Gray collection, winner of the 2017 Reddot Design Award, for which we created handles, profiles, hobs and cooktop hoods. Or the elegant Platinum Corium Collection, characterized by a handle engraved using the LaserOx technique and the contrasting finishes on the two rings of the knob.

Kitchen Aid

Kitchen Aid
Family Feeling Design: knobs, handles, logo, cooktop hoods

We were lucky enough to co-create different components (handles for ovens and fridges, knobs, profiles and hobs) with the American company, an undisputed icon in the world of design. In particular, we created a handle with a chrome grip, with the Kitchen Aid logo at its centre, for the new Iconic Fridge, inspired by the historic Artesan food processor. A very modern family style, but with a hundred years of history behind it.

Through the finishes, Anodica aims to create continuity and style identity, without forgetting the functionality of the individual elements. Aesthetics blends with practicality and the consumer is always at the centre, with all those sensations that bind him to the environment where he lives every day.