Sustainability according to Anodica: an interview with Giorgio Zanchetta, General Manager of Anodica Trevigiana

Giorgio Zanchetta, General Manager of Anodica Trevigiana, explains what Sustainability means to Anodica and the company’s future commitment towards a sustainable approach.

Giorgio Zanchetta, General Manager of Anodica Trevigiana, explains what Sustainability means to Anodica and the company’s future commitment towards a sustainable approach.

Anodica Trevigiana Giorgio Zanchetta

What is sustainability? How can it be applied within a company? In this article/interview, Giorgio Zanchetta, General Manager of Anodica, invites us to discover the steps that the company has taken towards sustainability.

What does sustainability mean to Anodica?

“First and foremost, for Anodica, Sustainability means: "Doing More with Less". It involves offering superior performance (Quality, Reliability and Safety) in terms of its products and an improved service for its Customers by consuming fewer resources and reducing waste, environmental impact and, eventually, production costs. According to Anodica, Sustainability is also about behaving responsibly within its own micro and macro socio-economic and environmental eco-system, allowing itself to be guided in its choices by the principles of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. For Anodica, Sustainability is not confined to environmental aspects but is also reflected in the importance given to social aspects. The company is always focused on people, i.e. on its own employees and on its relations with Customers, Suppliers and Institutions. Finally, for Anodica, Sustainability must also be economic, to the effect that economic and financial choices are always based on long-term assessments.”

What is Anodica currently doing with regard to sustainability?

“At Anodica, we have been renewing our ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification for more than 20 years. Every year, we are committed to following the Environmental Improvement Plan in order to improve our environmental performance. Furthermore, for more than 13 years, we have been renewing our ISO 45001 Safety Management certification and SA8000 Ethical certification. We have also been committed in these areas to implementing effective Improvement Plans for our Employees and suppliers. Lastly, every year we renew our commitment to improving the quality of our work, with our ISO 9001 certification, which I believe is the first building block towards Sustainability. ”

What impact does this have on costs?

“Our key environmental and social indicators are measured in € because we believe that in pursuing improvement we should always apply the principle of doing more with less, thus ensuring economic sustainability together with environmental and social sustainability.”

How does Anodica apply sustainability to its supply chain?

“Anodica now operates with an almost 100% Italian supply chain, prioritising suppliers certified according to environmental, safety and quality regulations.”

How is Anodica committed to sustainability and planning for the future?

“As one of the founders of the AVC (Assindustria Veneto Centro) Sustainability Club, we are still an active participant. We are committed to implementing B Corp® certification, focused on the environmental and social performance of companies, and self-assessment according to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the 2030 Agenda. At Anodica, we believe in the fundamental importance of openly and collaboratively developing our actions for improvement in a cooperative and partnership context in order to accelerate development and achieve an effective and visible positive impact on our ecosystem.”

“We are fully aware that resources have run out and that we have very close connections with the local area, businesses and the community.”.