Quality Management: quality control at Anodica

07 May 2019

Giuseppe Brugnaro, Quality & Lean Manager of Anodica, explains how the Quality System works in Anodica, from the commercial to the production phase.

Giuseppe Brugnaro, Quality & Lean Manager of Anodica, explains how the Quality System works at the company, from the commercial phase to the production process.

Anodica quality management

“At Anodica, quality is a fundamental value arising from conscious efforts to produce aesthetically appealing components for major household appliance manufacturers worldwide. It represents the typically Italian ability to best meet our customers' demands, in line with agreements made.

Quality control is implemented right from the initial contact phase with the customer, i.e. the commercial one: we examine project requirements for mass production and analyse the critical aspects of designing and project engineering, applying the provisions of our Quality System with ISO 9001 certification. Anodica has obtained other important certifications that confirm its constant focus on quality: OHSAS 18001 certification for health and safety and SA 8000 certification for ethics and social accountability, the latter being fundamental because only with overall respect for people can we obtain customer satisfaction while protecting the environment and society.

The most important tools underlying our Quality System are as follows:

  • Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire, used regularly to provide us with important data to analyse;
  • Strategic and operational plan, developed with the Hoshin Kanri process (literally “reasoned management control”) to determine the strategies and parameters to use for improvements in the short and long term;
  • Continuous training, opportunities for in-house discussion, when team leaders and operators are faced with production issues.

Anodica's managers, operators and suppliers face any eventual problems in a determined and pragmatic way while balancing functionality with aesthetic appeal, and the objective with the subjective aspects of requirements. Hence, Anodica's Quality System has the challenging task of defining the methods and tools that allow constant stability of processes while ensuring seamless production flows.

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