Anodica presents the new company profile

26 Jun 2019

Inputs, ideas and inspirations: in the new company profile Anodica talks about itself and presents its commitment between co-creation, innovation and excellence.

Co-creation, innovation and excellence: these are the three key words that Anodica puts at the centre of its communication and that best summarize its reality. The new company profile, structured according to a detailed logical path, invites the reader to discover the skills and values that distinguish the company.

The protagonist of this communication is not, actually, only the finished product, but also the participatory planning, the meticulous research of the detail and the innovation connected to it, the continuous dialogue with the customer, the emotion and the shared satisfaction in reaching the desired goal.

Targeted texts and contextualized images are combined with technical descriptions and photos of details to cleverly guide customers in the discovery of Anodica. The new company profile is a technical tool, but also a practical user manual, designed and made to simplify the work of the buyer.

Each page was in fact designed in a calibrated manner and goes straight to the point by telling the company crucial facts:

  • mission: design and construction of aesthetic components with high added value;
  • lean, certifications and sustainability: Anodica, a reference reality in the international sector;
  • team, people above all, as a team operating in synchrony;
  • family feeling: in the design and implementation of a complete aesthetic look for home appliance components;
  • materials: wide application choice, to go beyond the standard solutions, such as aluminium, steel, zamak, brass and plastics;
  • exclusive finihes: between continuous research and development, to give an aesthetic character to the components and launch new trends.

With the new company profile, Anodica talks about itself and shares its knowledge and specialization, the path covered over the years and the challenges for the future, to involve an audience in a continuous search for novelty and beauty, towards new projects with a unique design.

Download the Company Profile