Mecspe 2017 Robotics Innovation Prize

The installation created by BNP Srl and Sogea Srl for Anodica Trevigiana won the Robotics Innovation Prize at MECSPE 2017

The installation created by BNP Srl and Sogea Srl for Anodica Trevigiana won the Robotics Innovation Prize at MECSPE 2017

Anodica Trevigiana, along with the other Italian companies BNP Srl and Sogea Srl, was a key player in a successful innovative project. The different forces teamed up to pursue a shared goal of ongoing improvement in working and operational environments.

The Robotics Innovation Prize at the 2017 edition of MECSPE was awarded to BNP Srl, a company based in the province of Padua specialised in designing and producing industrial equipment for automation and ergonomic workstation systems, and to Sogea Srl, specialised in developing software for SMEs, for an installation created specifically for Anodica Trevigiana.

At the MECSPE 2017 trade fair, the benchmark event for the manufacturing industry dedicated to technologies for innovation and the Digital Factory 4.0 sector, the main theme was the future. One of the themes addressed was collaborative robotics, in a context of innovative automation, with a special focus on new projects developed to improve the quality of work.

BNP Srl and Sogea Srl joined forces on a cooperative project to create an installation for Anodica Trevigiana, starting from the needs of the individual collaborators. Great attention was given to the quality of the system to be created so that “physical and cognitive ergonomics” would be ensured during the processing phase.

What was one of the keys to this success, which was so strong it convinced the panel of judges? The focus given to end users and the need to examine the experiences and comments of those who actually use the systems in order to collect the information required for developing the installation project. The result is a user-friendly system that differs from traditional solutions, since it has been designed to concentrate more on those who use it.

The Robotics Innovation Prize, organised by ITIA CNR - the Integrated Automation magazine, is a prestigious award that acknowledges the importance of developing efficient systems that are designed starting with real situations in an operational environment.

The award ceremony was an ideal occasion for discussing collaborative robotics. Innovation in automation lies in a collaborative approach that results in designing and producing user-friendly workstations, specifically developed for operators and their physical and cognitive ergonomics.

Watch the video of the award ceremony: Mecspe 2017 Robotics Innovation Prize

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