Manage all business functions in an integrated way

It is now possible at Anodica, thanks to the new management software

At Anodica, the new management system now allows the integrated handling of all business functions

For many years, Anodica has been implementing a process of continuous optimisation and improvement regarding its activities. From production through to administration, order management, safety and quality control, all activities and operations at Anodica Trevigiana have been planned in meticulous detail in order to optimise its Lean production.
Precisely for this reason, Anodica has decided to take another major step to further improve its business processes by changing its ERP management software to a state-of-the-art solution that better meets its needs.

This new management software is an asset for the company and all its customers

The decision to change its management software has enabled Anodica Trevigiana to have a broader perspective of its business activities, thereby allowing greater control over costs and the resources employed.
For the company, all this will mean that it can better manage resources, whereas its stakeholders will be able to rely on an increasingly efficient service, always focused on quality and improvement.

The benefits of the new ERP management system:

  1. Integrated platform, which can manage all processes within a single tool;
  2. Sharing of data between various business departments, thus speeding up the transfer of information and reducing the time taken to accept orders;
  3. Continuous monitoring of performance in order to track stock availability and better manage relations with its various suppliers and customers;

"With its new ERP system, Anodica Trevigiana can now manage all its business functions in an integrated way. Efficient data flow and process monitoring allows us to be faster and more precise in meeting our customers’ needs.”
Lorenzo Latini, CFO at Anodica Trevigiana S.p.A.

The challenge and goals of Anodica Trevigiana:

The decision to change the management system so as to improve performance and streamline business processes was certainly not a straightforward one.
The entire operation involved significant investment in time and resources, as well as coordinating the company’s various business departments. All this, however, has helped to fully integrate the departments, leading to increasingly noticeable benefits in the long term.

By implementing the new software management system, Anodica can now rely on:
A more flexible system and greater autonomy as a result of the highly customised ERP system;
Timely management of the warehouse and the availability of goods;
Integration and traceability of production flows;
• Development of interchange tools with machines in the context of Industry 4.0;
Complete and integrated management of administrative and financial aspects;
Advanced controlling and Business Intelligence tools for a greater focus on production costs;

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