An interview with Benedetta Bonafè

An interview with Benedetta Bonafè

Benedetta Bonafè, who joined Anodica Trevigiana in December 2023, tells us about her role in the HR department.

1) What role does the HR department play in supporting and promoting social sustainability in the company?

At Anodica, the HR department directly reports to the Management, and together they provide practical support for all company divisions.
The HR department has the role of establishing, right from the initial contact with a candidate, a relationship based on active listening, close attention and respect for the individual. Given the Management’s unmistakable values and approach, the HR department work towards creative, open and continuous interaction between managers and collaborators.

As for employee development, instead, Anodica Trevigiana’s strategy is to build development and training paths based on strategic skills.
In such a changing social, economic and political scenario, being a Benefit Company better reflects the how Anodica and its employees can be useful to the surrounding community, with a proactive approach towards ongoing training and developing individuals’ skills.

2) What steps does Anodica Trevigiana take to ensure the health and well-being of its employees?

By listening carefully to people on a daily basis, Anodica implements various social projects, resulting in concrete activities to improve individual well-being.
To name but a few, I can think of initiatives to support early diagnosis of cancer, by means of free mammograms and ultrasound scans, or the prevention of occupational diseases by regularly updating safety measures for workers. Moreover, from the perspective of sustainable mobility, Anodica Trevigiana has joined a company carpooling scheme for the benefit of employees and the community.

All these initiatives are part of a path of continuous development and improvement, intended to enhance the well-being of employees and bring concrete benefits to the context in which Anodica operates.

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