Reducing emissions and improving air quality

Anodica Trevigiana joins BePooler and Confindustria Veneto Est for a company carpooling scheme

Anodica Trevigiana joins the company carpooling scheme to reduce emissions and improve air quality

People are becoming increasingly interested in environmental issues, and every day Anodica Trevigiana strives to reduce emissions and avoid wasting resources.
In this respect, with a growing awareness of the importance of air quality, Anodica and its team intend to work towards introducing more effective measures in order to reduce its environmental impact.
Hence, the company carpooling scheme: an efficient and timely way to reduce pollution and road traffic.

Company carpooling to lower emissions and tackle air pollution

Anodica Trevigiana, along with two other companies affiliated with Confindustria Veneto Est on the Cimavilla industrial estate (CSM TUBE S.p.A. and La.Mec.), has chosen to join the company carpooling scheme.
This scheme, promoted by MyAcademy GmbH of Lugano and BePooler (a leading company in the sustainable mobility sector), is intended to reduce emissions and ease traffic congestion by enabling people travelling along the same route to share the commuter journey.
With this scheme, BePooler will report on the results achieved over the years to the companies involved, sharing information on reducing CO2 and certifying the daily mileage of users using the platform.

The benefits of carpooling as a new means of mobility:

The scheme, in operation as of February 2024, marks an important step towards promoting sustainable mobility and optimising the commuter route. It will bring tangible benefits for employees, companies and the entire community.

Advantages for the employees of the companies involved:
  • Reduced costs
  • Time optimisation
  • Stress reduction along the route
  • Socialisation

Advantages for the companies involved:
  • Low costs for welfare optimisation
  • Improved loyalty relationship with employees
  • Optimisation of parking facilities
  • Benefits can be measure in terms of safety and environmental impact
Advantages for the community:
  • Reduced traffic congestion, particularly during rush hours
  • Reduction in emissions
  • Less stress on road networks
  • Lower social costs and increased safety
  • Mixed-mode commuting using public services
  • Optimisation of parking areas

This scheme, intended to improve the wellbeing of the community, is part of a roadmap of concrete actions, whereby Anodica Trevigiana aims to minimise waste and reduce its environmental impact to bring advantages to the entire area in which it operates.

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