People, technology and sustainability

These are the key factors of the new Company Profile of Anodica Trevigiana

Since 1962, Anodica has greatly changed, but during this evolution one aspect has always remained the same: the company’s desire to grow in a sustainable and ethical manner.

In all these years, Anodica has continued to change, constantly investing in new technologies, design and performance in order to improve its own production and the world around it.

“Over the years, we have realised that behaving responsibly towards our
staff, our community and the environment is no longer enough.”
Engineer Giorgio Zanchetta, president of Anodica Trevigiana S.p.A..

The evolution of organisational models

Anodica has always invested in continuous innovation projects to optimise its organisational models.
By following the principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability, every day Anodica makes precise choices concerning energy and the environment, which lead to ongoing improvement in production environments and the well-being of people.

The history of Anodica through certifications, acknowledgements and joint commitment

For over 60 years, Anodica has been experiencing a history of improvement and constant growth.
With the increase in licences to work in the furniture industry (1970) and in manufacturing garden furniture (1982), Anodica has always pushed ahead.
In 1997, the company obtained its first ISO 90001 certification, and since then, year after year, it has never stopped growing.

In 2022, Anodica became a Benefit Company, integrating common benefit goals into its corporate purpose.
As a Benefit Company, Anodica therefore has included three specific objectives for common growth in its statute, aimed at bringing benefits to the entire community and the surrounding environment.

In particular, Anodica has chosen to be active in:
Health, safety and human capital development: to create a safe work environment aimed at developing human capital by means of training, welfare and life-work balance practices;
Innovation towards minimal environmental and social impact: by embracing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and implementing sustainable business practices for process efficiency;
Collaboration with local non-profit organisations: to increase its positive impact, and finance growth and development projects in different geographical areas.

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