Anodica brings innovation to its production processes with KanbanBOX

Innovation production process

Anodica has integrated KanbanBOX into its internal production processes in order to optimise its programming and management.

Anodica has integrated KanbanBOX into its internal production processes in order to optimise its programming and management.

Responsiveness and flexibility of production processes: two key concepts at Anodica. To efficiently respond to the increasingly accelerated dynamics of production processes, Anodica has applied the Kanban method (from the Japanese, “sign” or “tag”, the software for communication throughout the production phase). Kanban can be included in Lean production and Just-in-time manufacturing to control the management of internal and external production flows.

Introducing the Kanban operational method has ensured a timely, quick and flexible response to production at Anodica, however, despite concrete positive results, one of the limits to its use has been the frequent need for the maintenance, recalculation and updating of kanbans.

The solution to these limits was found by introducing a software to manage the electronic Kanban developed by KanbanBOX.

How production management has improved

Right from the outset, considerable advantages were gained, above all the opportunity to make full use of the recent innovations introduced by the company. As part of the company's production processes, KanbanBOX allows faster and more streamlined management of the kanban method.

It is an easy intuitive system, which is also user-friendly and technologically advanced, developed to reduce the possibility of errors in the various phases of application. Additional advantages: KanbanBOX is cloud-based and only requires minimum commitment on the part of the IT department to implement and use it.

Internal and external production flow managers and production operators at Anodica have quickly learned to use KanbanBOX and the system has already been implemented for the computerised management of production and materials.

Anodica has applied digital kanban software to various production areas, such as the collaborative robot YuMi® for the Industry 4.0 workstation.

What are the prospects for the future?

Anodica strives towards continuous improvement in its production processes and aims to achieve planned and coordinated production, which reduces waste. The company's future activities will focus on developing a network of values, involving interaction between Anodica's customers, suppliers and partners. The aim is to get them to share tools, such as KanbanBOX, pursuing the idea of the “transparent factory”, so firmly ingrained in the company's vision.

The video witnesses the introduction of KanbanBOX in Anodica