HygenOx® Finish: antibacterial anodization

08 Apr 2020

When we come out of this emergency situation, we will all need a safer world. Every day we will find ourselves touching many surfaces, when opening a door, grasping a handrail for support, pressing a light switch and we will feel safer knowing that these surfaces have antimicrobial properties.

Anodica Trevigiana now therefore wants to make its contribution by providing the know-how it has developed to impart antibacterial properties to anodized aluminium, using HygenOx® silver ion technology. This patented solution was developed a few years ago by the R&D team at Anodica Trevigiana, a company accustomed to researching innovative tailor-made solutions while focusing on emerging consumer needs.
The CEO of Anodica Trevigiana, Giorgio Zanchetta, has always promoted innovation and was asked to be president of T2i, the Technology Transfer and Innovation agency of Veneto-based Chambers of Commerce. He has also been Vice-President of Unindustria Treviso.

What is HygenOx®?

The process to produce the HygenOx® finish was developed in collaboration with one of Italy’s major technological universities. It involves a special process of antibacterial anodization, during which silver ions are dispersed throughout the layer undergoing treatment. Thanks to this treatment, the anodized surface acquires new properties that are able to significantly reduce any bacterial load, taking its values close to zero within 24h. The HygenOx® finish, which can be applied to any component made of anodizable aluminium alloy, also provides anti-mould and antiviral properties (MRSA bacteria, Escherichia Coli or H1N1 virus).

HygenOx® has been validated by BioCote®, a leading British company in antimicrobial solutions, which has recently successfully tested the effectiveness of silver ion solutions on a type of virus of the CoronaVirus family (although not yet tested specifically against SARS-CoV-2).

HygenOx® Technology provides useful application in the following sectors: household, medical, healthcare, transport, furniture, community equipment.

Do you want to discover more features, applications and advantages of HygenOx® antibacterial finish? Contact us: our team is at your disposal.