Fabbriche Vetrina: Anodica is among 25 innovative companies in the Veneto region

Anodica has been selected as one of 25 innovative companies in Veneto by Fondirigenti and Confindustria, as part of the “Paradigms for a new managerial approach” project.

Anodica becomes a case study and has been selected as one of 25 innovative companies in Veneto: new business models, digitisation and Industry 4.0.

The “Paradigms for a new managerial approach” project

Fondirigenti, the largest inter-professional fund in Italy for the ongoing training of managers promoted by Confindustria and Federmanager, has financed the “Paradigms for a new managerial approach” project, aimed at mapping the most innovative companies in Italy. The project was developed to research and report on the new managerial and organisational skills of companies and their application in industry. The main notable characteristics analysed in the different companies include: the approach to digitisation, sustainability, the creation of new business models and creativity.

“Investment in technology has often not just helped to make efficient what companies have been doing for a long time but also accelerated the transformation of a company's own business model and triggered new opportunities for growth.”

From the website: fabbrichevetrina.it

The 3 phases of the method applied

The method applied in choosing the “Showcase Factories” (Fabbriche Vetrina), which led to selecting the 25 outstanding companies in Veneto that have excelled by embarking on processes of technological renewal geared towards Industry 4.0, is divided into 3 phases:

  • GO&Learn
  • A method defined at the EU level to establish pathways that recognise companies as a place of knowledge, interaction and learning. It is divided into 4 parts: discovery, know, think and feedback, and is based on the action learning approach.

  • Learning Factory
  • The company environment is seen as a place of constant learning, transferring and exchanging knowledge, which is open to illustrating its intrinsic internal processes in a collaborative network, featuring Knowledge Transfer.

  • Visite nelle Fabbriche Vetrina
  • From preparing a storyboard to the actual visit to the company in order to explore, discover and learn about ongoing innovation. Showcase Factories are smart factories that have integrated innovative solutions into their production systems, in line with Industry 4.0. They are open to other companies, entrepreneurs and managers to demonstrate and share their process of technological renewal, thereby creating a constructive network.

Anodica is among 25 excellent companies in Veneto

Anodica Trevigiana, along with 24 other companies in the Veneto region, was selected as a “Showcase Factory” and became a case study.

Solidity, versatility/flexibility and speed are the 3 main characteristics shared by 25 outstanding companies in the Veneto region. They represent a shared functional approach based on openness and involvement with collaborators and specialists (in technological, digital and cultural areas) in order to face and overcome the common critical issues of recent years.

In particular, the winning aspects of Anodica include certain characteristics already inherent in the company’s DNA, such as:

    • Focus on products from the very start as a result of the co-design and continuous process of refining the design and manufacture of innovative products with a high aesthetic and functional value;
    • Innovation that starts with reorganising production processes by means of lean production (introduced at Anodica in 2008), and the cloud-based Kanban method, supported by innovative solutions such as the Industry 4.0 YuMi workstation with collaborative robotics;
    • Revised Business Model thanks to a new design based on the Industry 4.0 model, which facilitated more flexible and interactive working methods in order to streamline and speed up processes;
    • New skills leading to the development of new products, increased safety and more staff training, also in the context of predictive maintenance supported by the Industrial IoT.

All the results of the “Paradigms for a new managerial approach” research project and the 25 selected Showcase Factories are presented on the project website and were illustrated during a dedicated webinar held on 23 November 2021.

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