Designing a new product at Anodica: what the expert says

22 Feb 2019

Mattia Castellucci, R&D technical engineer at Anodica, tells us about developing innovative products, with the right balance of design and project engineering.

anodica research and development team

'When I tell my friends about my “normal” working day at Anodica, I am often asked if I create the product design for our customers. And every time, I try to find the right words to explain that I don't, I'm not the designer: I wouldn't be able to do that!

The most critical and exciting part of any project created at Anodica involves interfacing with designers and planners to turn their sketches and drawings into high-quality functional industrial products.

Our daily work also focuses on matching design requirements with the technical features of materials and production processes.

Design and project engineering are the two cornerstones involved in developing a new product at Anodica. Naturally, I don't do all this on my own: each project is managed as a team. At our company, we have found a specific time for doing this: we call it our Daily Scrum (a term borrowed from “Agile” software development methods).

During our Daily Scrum, the designer heading the project presents the component under analysis to the team and together they examine possible aesthetic and functional solutions, as well as any risks that may arise related to its production and any doubts that lead to further interaction with our customers' technical departments.

All this takes place so we can ensure not only an excellent product but also contained costs and an efficient service.

An innovative product is the result of several factors, which perfectly interact. At Anodica, we create real value for our customers by cooperating with their designers and planners, researching the best solution that leads to the project engineering phase for components, as well as organising team activities within our technical department.

Our work is full of challenges, and new ones arise every day. It can sometimes be tough and uncertain but seeing our customers satisfied always boosts our energy!'