How antimicrobial treatment works for aluminium surfaces

Antimicrobial treatment for aluminium surfaces

Features and advantages of HygenOx® antimicrobial treatment for aluminium components.

Handles, knobs, profiles and control panels of home appliances are classified as contact surfaces and can harbour germs and microbes, thus becoming a means of spreading dangerous viruses and bacteria. Cleaning agents and disinfectants provide a good level of sanitization but only for a limited period of time.

So how can we ensure adequate hygiene for the surfaces we come into contact with every day?

In collaboration with one of the major Italian technological universities, Anodica has developed HygenOx®. It is a patented antibacterial treatment that combines the anodization process with antimicrobial technology and involves spreading silver ions over the entire thickness of the aluminium surface. The treated surface acquires new electrochemical properties at the molecular level, which reduce the existing bacterial load and take it to values close to zero (up to 99.99%).

HygenOx® is a permanent treatment that adds a secondary antibacterial function to the traditional and primary aesthetic and protective functions of anodizing aluminium:

  • antibacterial efficacy (MRSA bacteria, E. Coli or H1N1 virus);
  • without altering the aesthetic appearance and resistance of the protective coating;
  • reduction in cross-contaminations thanks to the self-sanitizing properties of the surface;
  • reduce need for cleaning.

HygenOx® antibacterial treatment for aluminium can be applied as a finish for surfaces and components in the home and in professional environments in important sectors such as:

  • catering: components of equipment and utensils, work surfaces;
  • healthcare: medical furniture, components of medical equipment and appliances;
  • frequently used public environments: schools, nursery schools and offices;
  • automotive: means of transport and public vehicles.

This exclusive antimicrobial finish was developed to meet the needs of a demanding and growing market, for which an increase of $3.8 billion is expected by 2020. HygenOx® is innovative, since it combines the need to maintain a constant high level of hygiene with unique aesthetic appeal and sophisticated product design. Nanotechnologies and the targeted use of materials have led to the advantages of high quality at competitive production costs and low environmental impact.

Please contact the Anodica team for further technical specifications and information on the advantages of HygenOx® treatment.