Anodica launches a contest to design the oven of the future

Anodica asks creative minds all over the world to imagine the design of the home oven for the next 5-10 years.

"What will the home oven of the future look like?" Anodica posed this question directly to designers and planners all over the world by launching, in collaboration with the innovative Desall platform, the contest: “Future Oven Design”.

anodica contest

Anodica pursuing the Design of the future

The creative challenge "Design the oven of the future" launched by Anodica, asks creative minds all over the world to imagine the design of the home oven for the next 5-10 years, focusing on the shapes of the components of the front part of the oven, i.e. those elements that largely contribute to the aesthetic look and functionality of the product, including: handles, knobs and profiles. Planners, designers and architects are asked to propose a stylistic and aesthetic design for the home oven of the future and to define possible new interactions between design components and the user.
Anodica aims to work in advance with designers worldwide, pursuing fresh ideas that go beyond standard and traditional solutions. Planners will have the opportunity to explore new styles, aesthetic shapes and functional details, proposing creative ideas and new inputs of design, style, colours and supplies for the home oven of the future.

The partnership with Desall

To launch the contest, Anodica has chosen Desall, the exclusive design-on-demand start-up company established at the H-Farm incubator in Veneto, and now an independent company. Desall has the task of connecting up companies to a worldwide community of creative talent. Via a web platform, each company has the opportunity to promote product design contests, addressing more than 120,000 registered designers, architects and planners.

The purpose of the Anodica contest

Anodica is one of the first B2B design component companies to choose this type of path, aiming to showcase and enhance the skills and talent of designers. This is how Anodica intends to bring value and excellence to the aesthetic appeal of products, with two fundamental keywords: co-design and co-planning.

The contest will run for 3 months, from 15 January - 21 April 2020 and will end with Anodica selecting and awarding one of the projects, uploaded directly by professionals to the online platform.

Such an original challenge leaves scope for the imagination and aesthetic beauty, thus giving new value to product design.

You can find all the details for taking part in the contest here.