A further step towards sustainability

with ISO 50001 certification

Anodica Trevigiana has recently obtained ISO 50001 certification: an important acknowledgement that testifies to the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.

Throughout its history, Anodica Trevigiana has shown its deep concern for environmental and social issues.
With its important concrete actions, the company has integrated sustainable practices into its processes in order to optimise performance and reduce its environmental impact.
From creating safe workplaces to supporting non-profit organisations and signing up to the UN Agenda 2030 goals: over the years, Anodica has made sustainability one of its fundamental cornerstones, to the point of becoming a Benefit Company in 2023.

ISO 50001 certification: what does it involve?

ISO 50001 certification is an international acknowledgement of a company’s tangible commitment to the responsible management of energy resources. Its purpose is to enable organisations to implement and maintain an Energy Management System (EMS) capable of continuously improving energy performance. This must be done by: increasing energy efficiency, reducing costs and improving energy performance in managing daily activities.

What does this goal entail for Anodica Trevigiana?

Obtaining ISO 50001 certification not only confirms compliance with international standards in terms of energy management but also highlights Anodica’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact and contributing to the sustainable development of its working environment. This certification is therefore not a simple goal but one of the steps in a long path of growth towards energy efficiency.

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