A crucial step towards sustainability for Anodica Trevigiana

EcoVadis and Synesgy certify sustainable excellence

The drive for change continues with two new ESG ratings

At a time when sustainability is a global priority, adopting increasingly green practices is imperative for companies and consumers. For years, Anodica Trevigiana has been investing in research and innovation to improve its approach to social, environmental and economic sustainability, by optimising its processes and reducing consumption.

This continuous commitment has recently led Anodica Trevigiana towards three new milestones:

  1. Obtaining EcoVadis Gold Medal
  2. Achieving Synesgy Score-B good
  3. The great awarding of Integrity Next and Sedex assessments

EcoVadis certification for improving performance and sustainability

EcoVadis is a globally acknowledged organisation in the field of sustainable business performance.
This certification reflects the commitment by Anodica Trevigiana in pursuing ethical, environmental and social excellence, by promoting a sustainable and ethical supply chain.

Moreover, EcoVadis has also given Anodica a sustainability score exceeding 70/100, awarding the company an Ecovadis Gold Medal: an acknowledgement that places Anodica in the top 5% of the companies rated by Ecovadis.

Synesgy certification for ESG sustainability assessment within the supply chain

The second major milestone concerns recent certification by Synesgy, an organisation that, for many years, has been providing ESG sustainability ratings for companies worldwide.
Synesgy has acknowledged the commitment by Anodica Trevigiana in pursuing Agenda 2030 goals by certifying its proactive role in contributing to global efforts to address environmental and social challenges.

Assessment Integrity Next and Sedex to accelerate the path to sustainability

In addition to Ecovadis and Synesgy certifications, Anodica has also been recognised by Integrity Next and Sedex: two organisations that work in support of companies to monitor and assess the sustainability of their supply chain.
Through in-depth analyses and customised reports, these organisations confer globally recognised certifications regarding the sustainability of business processes.

Anodica's future commitment to sustainability

Over the years, Anodica Trevigiana has taken important steps towards sustainability, showing its unwavering commitment to reducing its environmental impact and improving its consumption of resources.
These new certifications demonstrate, once again, the company’s intention to pursue a path of optimisation, consisting of concrete daily actions.

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