Discovering innovation with Siemens

28 Sep 2018

Taking innovation to an unprecedented level. Siemens and V-ZUG have shared this journey with Anodica to discover the unique power of innovation.

Taking innovation to an unprecedented level. This is what the most prestigious brands of home appliances aim to incorporate in each new creation and it is also the same challenge that Anodica faces in terms of aesthetic appeal and performance.

The starting point is the desire to offer end customers an extremely bespoke product with regard to colours, finishes and details.

In this scenario, aesthetic components are often the first features to indicate a brand's style and its pursuit of excellence. They encompass the essence of a journey based on experimentation and research, driven by the desire to arrive where nobody else has ever arrived.

Siemens has shared this journey with Anodica to discover the unique power of innovation.


StudioLine is the top of the range from Siemens, a line of home appliances for those who are looking for “out of the ordinary” products in terms of functionality, technology and design.
Exclusivity and customisation are the key to understanding this collection of high-end home appliances, whose distinctive aesthetic feature is evident in the choice of trendy materials and special processing techniques.

In collaboration con Siemens, Anodica has designed the oven handles and the extractor hood profiles.
The finish features a unique colour exclusively designed for studioLine.

It is not a question of attracting the eye, but of capturing it to lead it where it has never been.

Video presentation for studioLine by Siemens:


A winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2018, this project was created to express the highest aesthetic pureness, offering the market and end users original aesthetics in terms of grace and elegance. With the Pureness line of built-in home appliances, the customer has successfully concentrated its age-old pursuit of excellence in extremely refined details.

The key words, yet again, are uniqueness and distinction.

Anodica had the honour of co-creating some aesthetically appealing components with the Swiss company, including the oven handle, referred to by the same Red Dot panel of judges as a distinctive feature of the line.

A novelty is something sudden, especially when it is preceded by passionate research.

The handles, coordinated with the ring of the knobs, feature a special violet colour and a highly attractive finish achieved by cross satinizing, a process exclusive to Anodica. An additional feature is the exclusive optical effect: the name of the line appears to be reflected in the glass of the oven, thanks to the wording "Pureness" engraved back to front behind the handle using the LaserOx technique.

This simple detail, visible only at a short distance, represents the idea of uniqueness that a home appliance offers to those who use one.

So what is the secret to innovation? Prototyping, being bold and pushing beyond. And continuing the journey every day.

Video presentation for Pureness:

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