Quality as a lever to increase customer satisfaction

Interview with Roberta Tatti

Roberta Tatti, Quality Assurance Leader at Anodica Trevigiana, talks about the importance of quality control as a strategic lever to increase customer satisfaction

Anodica Trevigiana is a well-established leading company in manufacturing aesthetic components for home appliances. From the outset, the company has always strived to provide a sophisticated product design, with excellent finishes and materials.

Naturally, production has always been heavily centred on attention to details, with a specific focus on all customer requirements and needs.
Consequently, Anodica carefully selects quality raw materials and meticulously checks its finished products, which are always required to meet specific technical standards.

Interview with Roberta Tatti - Quality Assurance Leader at Anodica Trevigiana

What does the concept of quality entail at Anodica?

Over the years, there have been various definitions of ‘quality’:
• In the words of Philip B. Crosby, a renowned quality management expert, “quality is conformance to standards”;
• For Feigenbaum, instead, quality can be seen as the “complexity of business, design, production and maintenance characteristics that allow a product/service to meet customer expectations”.

At Anodica the concept of quality is paramount in all production stages, from the design stage through to the stages of product manufacturing and post-production.
Our goal is always to supply high-quality products and services in order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
For us, quality is a real lever, allowing us to increase our customers’ satisfaction and improve the services we offer.

How do you ensure quality in your production processes?

To do this, we rely on the ISO 9001 standard: the guidelines developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
These standards set out the requirements for establishing a company’s quality management system with the aim of increasing efficiency in manufacturing specific products.
Furthermore, we check quality by applying the international standard for Quality Management Systems (SGQ). This enables us to determine the procedures, policies and processes that a company needs to implement in order to provide products or services that meet customer needs, by understanding and anticipating such needs.
For many years, Anodica has been observing these standards and is fully committed to all certifications that guarantee the quality and sustainability of production processes.

How is quality control implemented at Anodica?

All employees, at all levels within the company, must work towards one common goal: to reach the objectives pre-established by the company with a view to ongoing improvement while bearing in mind all the risks and opportunities both within and external to the company.
In adopting this system, stakeholder management - namely, the ability to successfully create trustful and synergic relations with the company’s stakeholders - is of prime importance.
In the light of these aspects, I cannot but agree with Alberto Galgano, who defined Quality as “love for the Customer, trust in people, striving for perfection”.