Maintenance at Anodica, interview with Manuel Papa

Maintenance at Anodica, interview with Manuel Papa

Manuel Papa, Maintenance Team Leader at Anodica, talks about his role in the company and how crucial proper maintenance is for efficient processes.

Maintenance and continuous improvement, the importance of Lean methodology at Anodica.

"At Anodica, maintenance is a key activity, as it guarantees the stability and continuity of all production processes.

In recent years, we have embarked on a path of improvement by implementing, in addition to conventional preventive maintenance of machinery, a cultural approach extending to all operators. Using team work sites and individual training, we have raised awareness of the importance for employees of keeping their workstation tidy and efficient for their own good and in order to ensure the good long-term performance of production lines.
To do this, we have adopted the 8 pillars of TPM - Total Productive Maintenance: an approach to maintenance that aims to minimise the downtime of systems to optimise the efficiency of production processes.
In this way, we have worked on:

  • The 5S method (sort, set in order, shine, standardise, sustain) taken from the Lean Production model
  • Autonomous maintenance
  • Continuous improvement
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Quality improvement
  • Continuous employee training
  • Administration efficiency
  • Environment and safety

In particular, we have extended autonomous maintenance at the company, raising employees’ level of skills and thereby reducing unexpected downtime.
We have also introduced Predictive Maintenance. This method, using sensors and control devices, allows Anodica to get an overview of the ‘health’ status of its systems in order to calculate when to carry out maintenance work.
I believe that the latter is an integral part of future systems and will, consequently, be one of the topics I will focus on at Anodica to further explore and expand the potential of this technology.
Throughout my day, I manage and coordinate the various maintenance activities, check and update the KPI (Key Performance Indicators), and play an active role in diagnosing and resolving any faults.
We work with passion and determination to ensure the safety of our production lines while respecting and caring for the environment in order to serve and satisfy our customers to the best of our ability every day."