Nichel free Anodisation

Why Nichel free?

Anodica's anodizing processes are Nichel free. This solution ensures that the aluminium components are not only free from upholstery, being the oxide layer an integral part of the metal base, but also the potential minimum additions of coloring substances do not present dangerousness and harmfulness for both human and environment. Anodica decided also to colorize by adsorption rather than employing electrocolouring. A less conventional solution that besides avoiding the use of nichel (allergenic and carcinogenic), involves a cost of treatment definitely lower in virtue of lesser electricity consumption, lesser structural complexity and because it is avoided the management of dangerous substances. Heat set, finally, avoid the use of nichel and of other toxic substances, also reducing the drawback of stains left by fingerprints.

Health: components are handled or touched by the consumer or integrated into appliances and objects that may come into contact with foodstuffs or with the skin. Nichel free solution by Anodica avoid the contact with the substance.


  • Reduced costs due to adsorption staining
  • Reduced costs: both for chromatic and finishing level (steel, gold, brass and bronze and aluminium shades) and application of logos and stamps with serigraph or labels or the innovative LaserOx.

  • Home appliances and furniture industry: for example for handles, manopoles, frames or dashboards
  • Professional food preparation: equipment components for the catering or communities
  • Medical sector
  • Luxury: for example perfumery products
  • Sporting goods