Bosch-Siemens Project: from design to robotics

21 May 2018

Together with Bosch and Siemens for an innovative project! Design, technology and, as always, attention to detail.

These are the key words for the project entrusted to Anodica by BSH Group, leader in Europe and one of the top 3 global manufacturers of household appliances.

Among the collaboration’s most relevant components, in addition to the handles created for Bosch and Siemens, the aluminium metal rings that make up the body of the illuminated knobs stand out. They represent a stylistic signature of the new range of Siemens iQ500 ovens and kitchens, recently presented at the Salone EuroCucina 2018 event in Milan.

Siemens iQ500 Backöfen

Siemens iQ500 Oven, knob detail

In this new range of ovens, the external rings of the knobs in a steel look alike finish have been made from aluminium, through a meticulous turning process that is the protagonist of an exclusive aesthetic research. The production began in 2017 following an important planning phase for our production line, in accordance with Lean principles and from an Industry 4.0 point of view.

Siemens iQ500 Backöfen

Siemens iQ500Oven, oven front detail

For the project, which has a global distribution, ad hoc machinery has been developed and integrated, with the definitive introduction of a robotics component. Indeed, the ABB Robotics YuMi collaborative robot is fully functioning to support operators.

Finally, for the packaging of components, a fully recyclable card has been chosen. This detail was requested by the customer, but is in line with the principles of environmental sustainability that we have been supporting for years. Indeed, Anodica uses only green energy in its production and is also certified for its respect of the environment.