GoldenOx - Aluminium with a gold anodized finish

Distinctive Features
GoldenOx represents innovation with all the aesthetic appeal of an exclusive finish. The anodization process replaces the galvanization process to create a very striking result.

The achievement of a gold effect, with an anodization process applied to aluminium, the advantage of a process that has reduced environmental impact.

What is GoldenOx?
GoldenOx is the finish that provides added value to components for the home appliance sector and automotive industry. Handles, profiles and solutions in sophisticated design are given a new look thanks to the anodization process that colours them gold. The result is a high-end finish applied to aluminium, which is a versatile, light and low cost raw material.
The simple process affects the surface layer of an aluminium component, with no additional materials required and using substances that are less hazardous to the environment. The anodization process replaces the galvanization process while focusing more on the environment.
Anodized aluminium is eco-friendly: it does not require a preventive treatment before its disposal (which is necessary for components that have undergone a galvanization process). Since the year 2000, thanks to the great attention of its staff, Anodica Trevigiana has been certified by the Environmental Management System ISO 14001, which also guarantees attention and awareness throughout all processing phases.


  • Sophisticated design and meticulous details: aluminium is a flexible material that is easy to process and shape for extrusion or moulding
  • High resistance to corrosion. The aluminium oxide produced during the anodization phase makes the treated surface exceptionally hard, thus guaranteeing protection over time from wear and scratches.
  • This solid and resistant product is also light and flexible.
  • Resistance to UV rays in compliance with the standards for home and professional environments.
  • It has the best quality/price ratio thanks to improved workability with lower unit costs.
  • A wide range of finishes in different colours and shades. The surface of the component is processed using mechanical and chemical pre-treatments, which involve the oxidization and colouring process.

GoldenOx finishes can be used in home and professional environments. Here are some examples of its main uses:

  • Handles for kitchens
  • Knobs for stoves, fireplaces, and profiles for kitchen extractor hood
  • Household appliances (handles, profiles, knobs and panels)
  • Equipment and systems for the professional catering sector (e.g. handles, knobs and profiles)
  • Lighting components (profiles and finishes)

Products realized with GoldenOx